Your Thoughts On A Giveaway Please

I would love to do a contest for my readers. I would giveaway one prize here and one on my Facebook page. I am some ideas on what to giveaway and would love to hear your thoughts. What ideas do you like? Want to win something you don’t see listed?

  • PayPal/Amazon Gift Cash
  • Multipack with energy bars, meal replacement bars, protein bars, ect.
  • Workout DVD (30 Day Shred or something like it)
  • Cook book
  • What do you think?

Food Scale & Portion Control

Rather you are trying to lose weight or just start eating healthier the first thing you need to learn is portion control. Over the years super sizing has become so common most people cannot recognize a correct serving size. As I began to join message boards on getting healthy I realized I needed a food scale to help me learn the difference. I had been measuring portions with measuring cups/spoon but I realized that was not even close to accurate. Depending on my much you packed the measuring cup made the “portion” vary in size, sometimes doubling what it should be. Before I move onto scale I want to show you to pictures portion control.

This first picture I have seen time and time again in my kids doctor’s office but never really paid attention to it. As I look at now I realized I have been serving way to much. I know you can’t see all the words in the picture but you can see the main purpose of it.

Again, with the second picture I apologize that some of the words are not clear but the message of the picture is. Over time portions have become much larger and unhealthy. I am currently trying to train my stomach to prefer smaller meals. For example, if I do get a fast food meal I get a kid’s meal or just a small burger. Your body only things you need a mega sized combo meal because you have trained it that way.

This is where food scales come into play. You weigh your food and get accurate amounts. I am not saying you need to tote around a scale and measure every bite every time you eat. Even I as a devote scale user have not taken it into a restaurant. What I am saying is you should start measuring EVERYTHING at home when you eat.

No matter how hungry you are start with just one portion of each of the food you made for dinner. If you are still hungry twenty minutes after you get done eating then you can eat more. Scales are easy to use. No mater what type you have-digital or manual you get the weight of the container , take the weight of everything, and the subtract the weight of the container. Easy! At fist I did not measure things I could count by hand; example when it say 14 pretzels. I learned that even just counting out 14 pretzels was wrong. On some things the number they give you will weigh more than 28g serving specified and sometimes when you are lucky you get to have more than 14 for the same weight.

I even measure out liquids. Just like with solids there are variables when using measuring cups; how they are made, if they have become warped, or if you are like me you don’t want to fill them to the rim because you will spill. Instead of trying to make sure all the variables I use a cup and measure out however many ounces I need.

Worried that you may not be able to convert units? I am not good at math so I was very worried. Thankfully if you just type in what you have to what you want it to be (18 grams to ounces) in google they will convert for you.

Scales come in digital and non-digital. The main things to consider is your budget and that ease of use. Amazon has over 200 different scales starting at less than $10 and going up to $300.

Do you use a scale? Tell me about it!


Getting healthy or trying to loose weight? You need support! Even if your goal is just to eat healthier and start working out having people to support you on your off days. I know there are lots of websites and groups out there but I wanted to give you a review on the one I use. MyFitnessPal (MFP) is wonderful!

When you sign up for MFP you fill out a profile with all your current information and your goals. To help you reach your goals MFP provides daily food logs, a recipe calculator, messages boards and more.

Each day you log your food and try to stay under goals. It is an eye opener when you start logging food. When you see that the Jumbo Jack you had for lunch is more than half of what you were suppose to have for the day it starts to put things in perspective. MFP has a large database of food making it easy to input your nutritional information. They also allow you to enter food information if it is not in the database yet. Many doctors will tell you food diaries are the first and best step to take to change your eating habits.

MFP also provides you will a recipe calcultor on it’s website. Ever cook something at home and wonder about the nutriitional value? This calculator will be your best friend. It is what I use when I cook something for this site. All you have to do is log each food you put in your recipe and tell it how many servings it makes and you have all your information. You can even make your recipes public so your family and friends can log them in their food diary. MFP makes cooking at home but staying within your goals easy.

Everyone needs support! From message boards to your MFP friends you will find an abundance of support on MFP. They have many topics in their message boards for you to post questions, comments, or even just post you need a push. You will find recipes, exercise ideas, equipment reviews, and more. You can also make friends on MFP kind of like on Facebook. This great! There is a running feed that shows you when your friends exercise, when they close the day under calories, or when they make comments. You can comment on their updates and they can comment on yours. Again, this is a great motivation when you have a day when you don’t feel your best.

On the go a lot? MFP is easy to use on the go too! They have applications for your Android and your Ipad. All you have to do is put the information on your device and it will sync with the website. The Android application I know for sure has a scanner on it where all you have to do is scan the barcode on the product and it will put the infromation in for you. Can it get any easier than that? Nope.

I want to say that this review is in no way sponsored by MyFitnessPal. I just wanted to write about a site that has helped me out greatly and can help you too. You can add me as a friend (mammafrog) if you would like. Thank you!