Manic Monday Challenge

Its time again for the Manic Monday Challenge. These are also a challenge for me. At first I thought I would breeze through most them. I thought each week I would tell you how I succeed with ease and give you tips. I thought wrong! These challenges are a struggle for me too. We will figure it out together.

Last Weeks Challenge

Last week I challenged you to keep a food diary, either basic or a detailed one. I have been keeping a food diary on MyFitnessPal so I knew for sure I could complete this task. Wrong! This last week we have been moving and I just have not been good about it. I am going to definitely try harder this upcoming week. Moving has thrown off a lot of my healthy habits.

This Weeks Challenge

Try something new in a workout. No matter how much you exercise its always fun to add something new in. You can try hula hooping, belly dancing, at class at the gym, or anything. You normally avoid the elliptical at the gym? Give it a try this week. Not sure what to try? Youtube has lots of different workout videos for you to try.

Good Luck! How did you do last week?


Hello world!

New year and a new blog! I am a mom of 3 girls- A 5, K3 3, and G is 1. I have been married for 4 years. I was born and raised in Texas so healthy eating is not in my blood. I like meat, potatoes, bread, and fried! Those are my four main food groups; yes fried is a food group. With my baby 13 months old I decided it was time to get the baby weight off and that I am going to get my whole family healthier.

Hubby and I will be trying to loose weight and the kids well i just want every healthier. I will blog at least one recipe every week on Tasty Thursdays, but will probably blog more recipes as I am trying out a lot of them. I will also be blogging about fun activities my family and I do to keep active, learn about being healthier and more. Don’t forget to drop in on Tuesdays for TMI Tuesdays.