Manic Monday Challenge

Its time again for the Manic Monday Challenge. These are also a challenge for me. At first I thought I would breeze through most them. I thought each week I would tell you how I succeed with ease and give you tips. I thought wrong! These challenges are a struggle for me too. We will figure it out together.

Last Weeks Challenge

Last week I challenged you to keep a food diary, either basic or a detailed one. I have been keeping a food diary on MyFitnessPal so I knew for sure I could complete this task. Wrong! This last week we have been moving and I just have not been good about it. I am going to definitely try harder this upcoming week. Moving has thrown off a lot of my healthy habits.

This Weeks Challenge

Try something new in a workout. No matter how much you exercise its always fun to add something new in. You can try hula hooping, belly dancing, at class at the gym, or anything. You normally avoid the elliptical at the gym? Give it a try this week. Not sure what to try? Youtube has lots of different workout videos for you to try.

Good Luck! How did you do last week?


Manic Monday Challenge #4

Sadly, I missed last weeks challenge. First I had a sick child and now I am moving. Moving is a good thing but when it happens quicker then planned things get crazy.

Previous Challenge

The last challenge I posted was– NO fast food for a week. Did you do it? I sadly failed. Yes, I am human and as hard as I try I will not always pass these challenges. Fast food has been a major evil for me that I have been trying to conquer. I am often on the run with small kids and McDonald’s screams my name.  I wrote a entry on how to plan ahead so you do not indulge in the biggest calories out there but sometimes that doesn’t help either. As I mentioned above my 5-year-old, A, was sick for a week. This resulted in 2 doctors visit and an added plus of an ER visit. Fast food just happens sometimes. I would love to say maybe I will do without this week but since I am moving. I doubt it.

This weeks challenge.

This week I want you to have complete a food diary. Logging everything you eat can be an eye opener and help you get healthy. When you realize you had 10 M&Ms this morning at the office, some chips for a pick me up, 3 sodas, 1/2 your kids snack cake, and handful of this or that it makes you pay attention. I personally use MyFitnessPal because it logs calories, sodium, and other information. You don’t have to log all the nutritional information. Send yourself a text or jot it down. Look at everything you are eating for a week and you will start to change your eating habits.

Manic Monday Challenge! And Year Challenge!

I have decided that each week I will post a Manic Monday Challenge. I would love to know if you take my challenge. The challeneges may be for one day or the week. I will also post each Monday how I did on the week before’s challenge.

Drink only water and coffee for a week.

This will be hard for some people. I know because untill January 25, 2010 I drank 3 cokes a day atleast. Januray 26, 2010 I gave them up and have done with out any type of soda. I am still drinking juice and such and need to cut that out. Can you go 7 days only drinking water or coffee? Thinks like homemade fruit smoothies don not count so those are free to drink. I would love to see how good you did

You ready for 2 challenges for the year?

Try 52 New Recipes

Walk, run, cycle, ect 2012 miles in 2012.

The first challenge should be easy! I will be posting a new recipe every Tasty Thursday and more. Not to count the internet is an endless source for healthy recipes.

The second challenge is a bit harder. Track and get in 2012 miles in 2012. I will be tracing when I walk (pedometer), treadmill, cycle, and elliptical. If it tracks distance I will get it. Today I got in 4 miles so I have 2008 left. Can you do it?