I’m A Grazer!

It hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday; I am a grazer! Yesterday morning as I was making my girls breakfast I tossed a piece of cereal in my mouth and licked the yogurt spoon clean. Harmless right? NO!

After I realized what I did I decided that I wanted to track just how much I nibble in one day. I found I am at my worst when I make my kids their food. Often I have to cut it up, especially since G is only 14 months old. As I cut or rip it apart I grab a small piece here or there. Also, after they get done eating if there is only a bite or two left and I will eat it up. So yesterday every time I wanted to put something in my bottomless pit of a stomach I put aside. By the end of the day I had an interesting collection: cereal, cut up chicken, peas, corn, popcorn, pretzels, cut up pork, half a banana, and that’s not counting wanting to lick the spoon clean of yogurt, mashed potatoes, and pudding. Before you ask, no I did not put the spoons to the side. I figured out about how much was on them and wrote it down. By the end of the night grazing would have added 674 extra calories to my day! That is more than half my calories allowed in one day. WOW! I  know my grazing is worse when it’s not a day at home. I have the habit of eating that last chicken nugget or the few lonely fries.

I am betting if you are a grazer you do it without thinking just like I do. Make a point to think about every piece of food you put in your mouth. Do what I did and see how many calories you are saving yourself.


Dance Crazy With Your Kids!

Lets Dance!! My 5-year-old is so slow in the morning and never wants to wake up. We started waking her up for school 15 minutes early for a dance party! This gets us all awake, is a lot of fun,  has become family time the kids really enjoy, and I realized this morning got in exercise!  According to HealthStatus I burned 88 calories just spending 10 minutes this morning dancing crazy with my kiddos.

We often do this during the  day once or twice too. Its fun and silly and the kids love it. The more crazy you dance (don’t worry nobody is watching) the more you burn. If your kids are a little older than mine then at first they may think you are crazy. My 8-year-old nephew thought I had lost it till I told him the person who danced the craziest got to pick out what we had for snack, he got to dancing!

For you it’s about spending time with your kids and dropping some calories. For them it is about fun and they don’t know it but keeping them healthy with exercise. The best part? Once you start doing it on a regular basis, no matter what time or day, the kids will ask for it more and motivate you to get moving when all you want to do is sit in your couch.

What type of music? All types! We listen to some kids songs, some country (for me), some jazz, some hip hop (for hubby), anything with a beat. Adding lots of music benefits yours children in many ways.

Start Dancing!!