Thanks again for the questions, TMI TUESDAY!

Even if their team is not going to the Super Bowl, millions of people love an excuse to party. So party we will. Tell us what your ideal Super Bowl Celebration (or any sports party) looks like by answering:

I am not having a party this year but wanted to answer anyway. There are a few questions about alcohol (Yes, I know not healthy) but I decided to leave them in. Most of my answers do not fit the blog theme (HEALTHY) but sometimes you gotta splurge.

1. What’s your favorite _____ that you’ll serve at the party (name one item for each):
a. choice of beer Not a beer drinker.
b. choice of wine Any red wine.
c. choice of distilled spirit. Again not really my thing
d. choice of mixed drink margaritas
e. choice of chip. Pita Chips/Pop Chips/ Or Cheese Puff
f. choice of dip Queso!!!
g. choice of take-out food (pizza, burgers, Chinese food, wings, etc) Pizza or Honey BBQ Boneless Wings
h. choice of homemade food Pigs in a blanket or turkey meatballs
i. choice of salty food Chips
j. choice of sweet food Anything. LOL

2. What will you wear at the party? Jeans and a T-shirt. I will wear a Jersey is the Cowboys ever make it again.

3. You will be having your very own half time show at the football party. What is that half-time show? Briefly describe. I don’t know where to begin. maybe some karaoke……

4. What team do you wish was playing in the Super Bowl? Dallas Cowboys—-Texas Girl At Heart!

5. The NY Giants and New England Patriots are in Super Bowl 2012, who do you want to win?  (ummm…yeah, I had to google that info…LOL) Who everyone else want to lose 🙂


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It’s that time again! Learn about your blogger. TMITiesday has brought us some interesting and some disturbing questions. Read my answers and leave me yours!

1. Would you rather wear the same pair of unwashed socks for 2 years or wear the same pair of unwashed underwear for 1 year? Explain.

First of all let me say, YUCK! I am going with socks. Yes they would be crusty and smelly but not as many germs and areas to get infected.

2. Would you rather eat a baby or be eaten by a giant baby? Explain.

Well I am not a cannibal and I don’t think eating baby fits in my diet so I guess be eaten by a big baby. Hopefully soon I will be bone and muscle and I wont look appetizing!

3. Would you rather steal money from your Grandfather in the past or steal money from a Grandchild in the future? Why?

This is a hard one! I do not condone stealing at all but i guess steal from my grandpa in the past. I know that is bad but it is better than stealing from a child.

4. Would you rather be trapped in a cave full of vampire bats or put a large jar full of bees (opened) in your pants?

Bats freak me out an I am allergic to bees! This is a no win question! I think I would pick the bees because if I stay really still I might not get stung. Plus, I can have my epi-pen near by so it wont be so scary.

5. Would you rather be a person with a head that is noticeably big for your body or have a head that is disproportionately small compared to the rest of your body?

I would go with the big head so I can say I have a big brain.

TMI Tuesday

Its that time of the week. Time to get to now all about me! Feel free to leave your answers in the comment section. (Note: a few of the questions have been edited. They were not family apporiate.)

Happy TMI Tuesday. Let’s play Hoo Doo (Who Do?). Answer the following questions and elaborate as you wish. Your answers can be real and truthful, fun and flirty, or crazy and whacky.

Who or Who(m) do you want to:

1. Play  twister with? Anybody less flexible then me. I like to win. LOL I have never played with my girls but I may pick the kids up.

2. Love? My family!

3. Excites you beyond belief? My kids. They have their ways to make me happy and excited.

4. Workout with? Myself and sometimes an old friend.

TMI Tuesday

Time to learn a little bit about me. To be honest the TMI Tuesday questions for today are not what was posted on their blog today. The questions for today were not appropriate for my family blog so I grabbed some that they had archived. On the multiple choice questions I will put my answer in italics. I would love to see your answers in my comments! Hope you enjoy!

1. Why do you go to the movies?
a. To feel
b. To think
c. To escape
d. To enjoy the air conditioning

2. In the last six months, have you viewed more movies at home or at the movie theatre? At home! With kids its the easiest way.

3. What was the last movie you watched at home? At the theatre? Home: Tangled! One kids movie that I don’t mind……Theatre? Hmmmm its been to long since I have been to one but I think it was Twilight 

4. Which do you enjoy most in a movie?
a. Two beings battling to death such as Godzilla and Mothra (or any foe), Gladiator
b. Car chase scene such as Ronin, Fast & the Furious
c. Major heist such as Italian Job, Ocean’s Eleven, Snatch
d. Epic battle scene such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings: Two Towers

6. Which of these is your favorite Hollywood movie plot?
a. Boy meets girl
b. The Jesus Story (apocalyptic; someone is saving the world)
c. Fish out of Water
d. Buddy movie

7. What is your favorite movie genre? (Thriller, comedy, action/adventure, drama, mystery, fright, etc.) I like romantic comedies!

8. In movies, what makes you cry?
a. mistreatment of a prime, likeable character
b. gushy, mushy romance (e.g., marriage proposals, couple finally proclaim their love)
c. very scary jump-out-at-you, make-you-pee-your-pants scenes
d. anyone or anything dying 

Bonus: What is your favorite movie? Why?

I have two favorites! (1) The Lion King has been a favorite every since I was a child. Even as an adult I LOVE IT! (2) Dirty Dancing. Need I say more? I think not 🙂

TMI Tuesday






Tuesdays will be fun. You get learn all about me thanks to TMI Tuesdays. Each Tuesday I will copy and paste their questions and answer them for you. There will be some questions I will leave out since this is family page. Please feel free to answer the questions in the comments. I want to learn about you too!

1. Finish this sentence: In the New Year _________ . In the New Year my family and I will get healthier!

2. Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? If yes, what are they for 2012?

My 2012 resolutions are:

For me and my family to get healthier.

To cook more.

To try 52 new recipes.

To cover 2012 miles in 2012 (see Manic Monday)

3. What New Year’s resolutions did you make last year? To get more sleep. I was a new mommy for the third time.

4. Think of three of those resolutions, from last year. How did you do in keeping them? I did not. I still need sleep.

Bonus: What was your most memorable experience (activity, event, etc.) in 2011?

My husband and I got to go away on vaction for the first time in 4 years with no kids! Yay!