Getting healthy or trying to loose weight? You need support! Even if your goal is just to eat healthier and start working out having people to support you on your off days. I know there are lots of websites and groups out there but I wanted to give you a review on the one I use. MyFitnessPal (MFP) is wonderful!

When you sign up for MFP you fill out a profile with all your current information and your goals. To help you reach your goals MFP provides daily food logs, a recipe calculator, messages boards and more.

Each day you log your food and try to stay under goals. It is an eye opener when you start logging food. When you see that the Jumbo Jack you had for lunch is more than half of what you were suppose to have for the day it starts to put things in perspective. MFP has a large database of food making it easy to input your nutritional information. They also allow you to enter food information if it is not in the database yet. Many doctors will tell you food diaries are the first and best step to take to change your eating habits.

MFP also provides you will a recipe calcultor on it’s website. Ever cook something at home and wonder about the nutriitional value? This calculator will be your best friend. It is what I use when I cook something for this site. All you have to do is log each food you put in your recipe and tell it how many servings it makes and you have all your information. You can even make your recipes public so your family and friends can log them in their food diary. MFP makes cooking at home but staying within your goals easy.

Everyone needs support! From message boards to your MFP friends you will find an abundance of support on MFP. They have many topics in their message boards for you to post questions, comments, or even just post you need a push. You will find recipes, exercise ideas, equipment reviews, and more. You can also make friends on MFP kind of like on Facebook. This great! There is a running feed that shows you when your friends exercise, when they close the day under calories, or when they make comments. You can comment on their updates and they can comment on yours. Again, this is a great motivation when you have a day when you don’t feel your best.

On the go a lot? MFP is easy to use on the go too! They have applications for your Android and your Ipad. All you have to do is put the information on your device and it will sync with the website. The Android application I know for sure has a scanner on it where all you have to do is scan the barcode on the product and it will put the infromation in for you. Can it get any easier than that? Nope.

I want to say that this review is in no way sponsored by MyFitnessPal. I just wanted to write about a site that has helped me out greatly and can help you too. You can add me as a friend (mammafrog) if you would like. Thank you!




Review *Great Value Lean Cafe Cheese Ravioli*

Sometimes you just need an easy meal right? The kids wanted peanut butter sandwiched and grapes for dinner but I wanted more. I gave into them and that’s what they had. I try not to eat a big meal with them because hubby does not get home till 10:30 and I like to eat with him. I look in the freezer and pull out Great Value (Wal-Mart Brand) Lean Cafe Cheese Ravi0li.

I should not of done this!

The picture on the box looks appetizing enough and it only has 220 calories. I wish i had thought to take a picture of it. Not good! I know I am on a diet but I need sauce with my pasta. If I had been thinking strait I would got out some of the left over Lazy Crock Pot Spaghetti and Meat Sauce to put on it. Again, I am aware I am on a diet but I would like more than FOUR ravioli! I also prefer to have taste. Over all it was very bland and yuck. I ate it because I spent my money on it and I spent my time cooking it.

It did have some good credits. I paid less than $2 for it and it had microwave directions. Before  you ask, I used the hour-long oven directions because I don’t own a microwave. So if you want cheap, fast, and bland cardboard go for it. Otherwise spend  little more and get a name brand meal or better yet just cook or eat left overs. I know what I will do next time.


**This post was in no way sponsored by Wal-Mart or Great Value Brand.