And the hardest part is here………

I have fallen off the wagon. I hate to admit it but I have. Statistics show a large number of New Year’s resolutions fail by March. Mine has hit a speed bump but I will not let it fail.

Getting healthy is not just about going on a diet or starting a workout program that you will phase out. It is a life style change! It is not something to take lightly or gloat when you think you are doing well. Getting healthy will not happen over night. I have stumbled and I am getting back on the horse.

I tried to use moving as an excuse but that is just what that was. An excuse! Starting tomorrow I will go back to logging everything, weighing out portions, and trying some more healthy recipes. I apologize to blog readers about the lacking articles lately and I promise more to come.

As for now, make sure you have stopped by my Facebook page because there is a giveaway going on right now and a large one soon!


One Response to “And the hardest part is here………”

  1. Latrice Says:

    I have too fallen off, but back in stride. I’ve decided to use the thought that I would not stop showering and brushing my teeth if I missed a day, so why will I stop working out and eating right because I missed a day.

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