Family Dinners = Healthier Family

Family dinners is one of the best way to get your family healthier. Search the internet and you will find study after study about family dinners. Most of the studies talk about how it keeps kids out trouble and leads to a close family. That is true but my focus today is on how it helps your family get healthier.

  • Eat Less – It has been proven that when you eat on the go, in front of the tv/computer, or even alone you eat up to 3 times more food. You space out and you eat so fast you don’t give your body time tell you its hungry. Sit down with your family and you will actually eat less and eat slower. You will take the time to chat with your husband and kids and give your body time to signal you that you are full.
  • Eat Better – Most of the time you sit down with your family you will be eating healthier than if you all ate on the run. Nine times out of ten it wont be a frozen meal or fast food. You are more likely to healthier, lower calorie, food.
  • Can Lead To Exercise – Eat dinner together and go on a walk afterwards. If you all eat at separate times this is not an option.
  • Eat More Diverse Foods – Eating together means more of a chance your kids will try new foods. Have a theme night once a week and make sure everything that night is new or maybe even an ethnic dish. Also, studies show then when exposed to a food 8-10 times you will most likely learn to like it. This means keep exposing your kids to veggies and they will start to eat them.
  • Saves Money- I know saving money is not getting you healthier but overall in my blog I want you to learn about eating healthy, having fun, and it not costing you a fortune.

Add those points to the other facts about family dinners reducing drug use, making kids smarter, and more and you have the perfect reason for family dinners. So whats for dinner tonight?

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