Manic Monday Challenge #2



Sadly, I am aware that last week I forgot the Manic Monday Challenge. I guess that is a downside to being a new blog writer is that I am still getting in the routine. I did remember on Thursday and I figured that was a little late. So lets catch up!

Last Weeks Challenge

The first Manic Monday Challenge was to drink only water or coffee for a week. Did you do it? I did! To be fair I don’t like tea and once I saw the calorie count in juice it was out. I have been without any kind of soda since Christmas. I am very proud of my self for that. If you are working on giving up sodas it is a hard road but you can do it.

Manic Monday Challenge #2

Get at least 15 minutes of exercise everyday this week. You can do it! Go to the gym, take a walk, dance crazy with your kids, stop and do some jumping jacks, or anything else you can to get your heart pumping. It is best if you can get all 15 minutes in at the same time even better; if not do 5 minutes three times a day. Even if you do not normally work out this is a great starter idea.

Let me know how you did last week and how you plan to get this weeks goal in.

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