Lean BBQ Pulled Pork

It may not be the prettiest picture but I challenge you to make bbq look pretty. I went to bed last night knowing today would be a lazy day so I wanted to put something in the crock pot. When I went in the kitchen I realized it was 1:30 am and I didn’t want to prepare to much. After a quick glimpse in the kitchen I find a lean pork loin roast. Toss it in the crock pot and add 1 bottle of BBQ sauce and you are set. I cooked the pork on low for about 9 hours while we slept. Once I got up I used 2 forks to shred it and added another bottle of sauce to make sure it would be thick. All that’s left after that is to stir and enjoy. Three ounces of bbq pulled pork is only 175 calories as long as you use lean pork lion roast. My husband ate his on wheat bread but I had mine on 100 calorie sandwich thins. Yummy! We have had this for lunch and may be having it for dinner.

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