The Cheese Grater Is Not Just For Cheese

You can use your cheese grater for things other than cheese and it can help you eat healthier. It allows you to have some food in moderation and other foods fresh. I love to use mine. I will tell you though, I hate traditional cheese shredders. I have a rotary cheese grater (not the one linked). The make shredding anything easy and you wont get your fingers caught. So here are some food other than cheese you can use in the cheese grater.

  • Chocolate! Yes, chocolate and healthy can go together! I take 1 square of dark chocolate and shred it over my girls yogurt as a special treat. I also shred it over my yogurt or into my smoothies when I have a craving.
  • Garlic. Fresh garlic taste so much better than what you buy in the seasoning section, plus there are no preservatives or additives. Just drop in a clove (whole or cut in two) and start shredding.
  • Onions. Again fresh is so much better than dried! My family hates to see chopped onions but grated onions cook down smaller and I get the great taste.
  • Nuts. I hate to chop just about anything because sometimes I chop my fingers. If you have  a rotary grater you can use it and your nuts will come out just the same. Personally, I think it’s easier and faster.
  • Sneaky Veggies! That’s right, use your cheese grater to sneak vegetables in your family’s food. Grate carrots, broccoli, and more to hide in any sauce you can. They will be harder to notice and harder to pick out.
  • Frozen Butter. I keep extra sticks of butter in the freezer and sadly I don’t always have one thawed out when I need it. I put a stick of butter in grater and grate it into whatever I need to. This is easy and a lot of times make folding butter into something easier.
  • Apples. My 1-year-old loves apples but I am afraid she will choke. I cute pieces and grate them so she can eat apples and I have no fear of her choking.
  • Shred Chicken. Have left over chicken? Place chicken chunks in the grater ans shred it for a wrap, sandwich, or any other use.
  • Potatoes. If you want hash browns then please grate your own potatoes then getting the frozen ones. Fresh wont have lots of things added to it that you don’t need.
  • Cheese! Of course you can use a cheese grater for cheese! Not only is it cheaper but you what you grate at home wont be covered in that yucky powdered cellulose.

What other ways do you use your cheese grater?

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