The Kids Want CiCi’s Pizza! Oh No!!

Tonight I really did not want to cook, it had been a long, and the kids started begging for CiCi’s Pizza. Oh no! Cic’s is not going to be good on my diet. My husband wanted a date night last, so we ended up at Red Lobster. How do you watch what you eat and still be able to go out some?

The answer is simple but not always easy, preplan.

Anytime I know I am going to be running errand and may be getting fast food I make a plan. I go to the website of where I think I may eat and look up the nutritional information. This has become very helpful in picking my meals. If I am debating between which drive-thru to  go to the information can normally decide for me. Some of the websites (Jack In Box, Arbys, ect) have a feature that lets you build your meal and customize what will be on your burger so you get the exact amount instead of if the amount of nutritional that comes standard.

When hubby wanted to go out for a date I told him to pick a few places he might like and I will decide from there. Sadly, not all restaurants have all the nutritional information on-line but most do. You can pre-plan your meals and pick you restaurant based off works with you food plans the most. I will say though in general you should avoid buffets.

Below I posted the links to some popular restaurants around where I live and their information. I would love to see in the comments other places you may want to see and I will make a second post for it.

Fast Food


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