The Gym

The title echos two of the scariest words for many people– The Gym. Most of my life I did not have to work out. Three kids later, I do. My baby weight has been around 13 months and it is time to go. The thought of the gym was about as pleasing to me as dirty gym socks. I kept telling myself I would do it this day or that day. The other day as I passed the gym I decided to dive right in. Once I got inside I realized I really couldn’t afford the membership for both me and hubby. I started to get a little disappointed till the staff member let me in on a secret. I could bring a buddy EVERY time I work out. That thrilled me! Hubby works from 2pm-10 pm and even though our gym is 24 hour he will never go late at night. I may go morning, evening, and I have even already went late at night. This was perfect! I got the membership and he is my buddy!

I am having to force myself to go in. I have been everyday but once. I know everyday isn’t required but for me to get started it is. My gym has several locations I can use with about half of them having childcare. My kids love it. This makes me go because they are begging to go. I also picked up a schedule and plan to go to some classes since they come with my membership. The kids are fired up about doing kids Zumba on Monday nights. I am still dreading each walk into the gym but each time is a little easier.

Do you go to the gym? Why or why not?

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