Manic Monday Challenge! And Year Challenge!

I have decided that each week I will post a Manic Monday Challenge. I would love to know if you take my challenge. The challeneges may be for one day or the week. I will also post each Monday how I did on the week before’s challenge.

Drink only water and coffee for a week.

This will be hard for some people. I know because untill January 25, 2010 I drank 3 cokes a day atleast. Januray 26, 2010 I gave them up and have done with out any type of soda. I am still drinking juice and such and need to cut that out. Can you go 7 days only drinking water or coffee? Thinks like homemade fruit smoothies don not count so those are free to drink. I would love to see how good you did

You ready for 2 challenges for the year?

Try 52 New Recipes

Walk, run, cycle, ect 2012 miles in 2012.

The first challenge should be easy! I will be posting a new recipe every Tasty Thursday and more. Not to count the internet is an endless source for healthy recipes.

The second challenge is a bit harder. Track and get in 2012 miles in 2012. I will be tracing when I walk (pedometer), treadmill, cycle, andĀ elliptical. If it tracks distance I will get it. Today I got in 4 miles so I have 2008 left. Can you do it?

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